A simple and productive Review Mechanism for Top Management which is more structured practice where client team will be provoked to be more innovative and Goal oriented. The MRM commences with fixing objectives of the assignment and outlining strategic direction and is carried out in consolation with the Top management. The organizational goals for the renewed effort are defined and the measures of progress toward the goals are formulated. This process will remove major bottle neck "Communication Gap" between the Top Management and Operational Executives and improve the organization cohesiveness.

A pragmatic approach to business operations, the Business Performance Evaluation , It is an one time health check for the entire business processes where we ensure the adequacy of MIS reports, identify the Critical Success Factors & Key performance Indicators that ensures organizational goals are met consistently, effectively, and efficiently.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a mandatory component of any business model. SOPs act as the process book that describes a set of procedures and protocols for a particular action. Standard Operating Procedures describe how processes execute as well as detailing the roles and resources that are involved in a particular process. We undertake take development of SOP’s, reviewing & updating it periodically this help implement SOP’s more effectively. In the process of SOP development the existing Business Processes is compared with Industry best practices and ensure a robust system is injected which results in improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that exist within the organization.

The Output of this assignment will a "Procedure Manual" which clearly communicates to operational executives what is expected to be delivered to the organization, the responsibility matrix, Measure of success, KPIs, Input & Output of the process. This will reduce considerable time and resources in educating the new comers more over a sense of clarity will be prevailing in the organization.

Human Resources consulting focuses on the process of effectively utilizing personnel to obtain the goals of the organization. At its best, we help to develop a human resources model that addresses the specific needs of the business in a manner that serves the best interests of both the company and the employee work force. We advise companies in a wide range of issues that can help them become a more productive and unified company with specific solutions like

  • Organisation Vision & Mission Statement
  • Designing Organization Structure
  • Drafting Roles and Responsibilities
  • Work load / Manpower assessment
  • Competency mapping and Career path
  • Performance Measurement System
  • Incentive Plan Design
  • Employee Engagement